How to start a blog for free that makes money | A simple 8 easy guide step-by-step for beginners


Hey guys, today in this post we are going to learn about How to start a blog and make money. Easy Guide Step-By-Step for Beginners follow given points.

What is blog and how to start your blog?

Blog is a platform where you can share your personal experience that you have in expertise. You can start it from such like your Hobbies, Business, Sports, Medical Equipment, Education, Network Marketing etc..

So think about yourself that in which fields you are much more knowledge and create a blog on the same field.

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There are 8 easy steps to start a blogging.

  1. Select your favorite category of blog
  2. Find your relevant domain name
  3. Find a web hosting provider
  4. Setup WordPress to start a blog
  5. Install relevant WordPress theme
  6. How to write content on your blog
  7. How to promote your blog
  8. How to make money from blogging

Step 1:- Select your favorite category of blog.

First you need to decide a category of blog.

It is a most important decision what you are going to write about in your blog.
There are many type category of blog.

Here is some popular category mention below such like:-

  • Personal Blogging:- You can explore your life style, what is your daily routine etc.
  • Educational Tutorial:- Explore about you technical skill, what is your technical knowledge, which type of technology you are working etc.
  • Fitness:- Explore about fitness tips.
  • Media:- Make your favorite video and share on publically on social networking such like Facebook, Instagram, youTube, Linkedin etc
  • Real State:- If you are working in real state property you can share your experience about property like Apartment, Flats, Society and there location etc.
  • Freelancing:- You can explore your freelancing job expertise and share your knowledge such like web development, designing, graphic etc.
  • Online Business:- You can explore online business experience like amazon, snapdeal etc.
  • Your Hobbies:- You can explore about your favorite hobbies like cricket, swimming, football, singing etc.

As per my recommendation is first select your favorite category as per your expertise.
One of my favorite category types is “Educational Tutorial” Because this category we can improve my technical skill. We can explore new thing by searching and development. We can learn and motivate to another people. Good education skill can change life style for me, my family and our society as well. The volume of this category is always lower comparison to other popular category and quality of traffic is always incredible.

Step 2:- Find your relevant domain name.

Domain is a identity of your business. The URL of you website will come from your domain name. So pick the domain name similar to your business. There are many domain & hosting provider company available such like Hosting India, Go daddy, Hostinger, Bluehost etc.

Note:: – You will get an email, so put correct email and mobile number and BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY from Today!

These are the company provides the domain name. where you can register your domain. After buy a domain they do not host your site or anything. They only store your domain and point web traffic to your site.

Now, let’s buy a domain name of your blog

Some popular and highly recommend domain name is already sold out.
On my experience that searching a domain name is a very difficult. Because all the favorite domain already sold out. The domain name of related on my business mostly time display not available. It’s already registered by someone. In this case you need to pick a domain name similar to your business category.

So I highly recommend you keep searching until your favorite domain that’s available. Some time it is possible to buy a domain to someone who already register domain in advance and he will be sell the domain for some extra money charged.

The domain price can be different from Low-quality and Highly quality. My suggestion for you always tries to buy a domain directly from hosting provider company.

Hosting India is my favorite hosting provider. Because It’ is a good service provider. It ‘s domain and hosting price is very less then another popular hosting provider. If You want to buy a domain from, Use this link You will get 35% off.

Step 3:- Find a web hosting provider

After selecting your favorite domain name you need to choose a hosting provider. Hosting provider company provide a server where anyone can visit your site. So selecting a reliable hosting provider it is a most important decision for you.

There are too many things dependent of my site to hosting server:-

Your website performance depends on the hosting server. The hosting provider service should be available on 24/7.

This time many of the hosting provider company provide free hosting for the first year.

My experience is when I buy my domain from they provide to me two year fee hosting with domain name. They did not charge extra money for hosting for 2 years. Some time I need to help like server setup or some another issue I send an email. After one or two hour they replay my email and resolved the issues.

I suggest you if you want to purchase a domain then go with

Step 4:- Setup WordPress to start a blog.

After selecting a hosting server from hosting provider company you will get an email. They will provide a username and password where you can connect directly from server.

Now you have connected your domain from server you need to setup a WordPress configuration. Almost all of the hosting server the WordPress plugin is already available. You need to click on WordPress Icon and follow the instructions for setup. WordPress will be installed your server very easily.

Go through the below Image for more clearfication..

There are many plugin available on your server like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger etc. I suggest always go with WordPress, because WordPress is a user friendly, very popular for blogger. It supports all of necessary and useful plugins.

Step 5:- Install relevant WordPress theme

After successfully setup WordPress on your server, you need to install WordPress theme.

There are many type category of WordPress themes available online. Such like Hospital, Education, Health, Fitness, E-commerce, Online Marketing etc. You need the install a theme very carefully. Should be always try to install a theme relevant from your business.

Also there are two type theme of category available online. One is free theme and another is purchase theme. There are numbers of free themes available in online. I suggest to you go with free theme.

The GeneratePress theme is one of the best theme for blogger. I also using this theme. It is a light weighted and performance is very fast. It’s supports all of platforms like Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, IPad etc. Also it’s supports all popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari etc. So you can go with GeneratePress WordPress theme. It is also available in two types of themes. One is free theme and another is purchased theme. I am using free WordPress theme.

How to install new theme in WordPress. Follow some easy step-by-step below point.

  1. Go to Appearance section where you will get a theme button link.
  2. You can find the upload option by go through Themes >> Add New, a button available on the top.
  3. On theme you need to upload your selected theme and follow the instruction.
  4. After installed the theme Activate to the same on click activate button.
  5. Now your WordPress theme is ready for publish a new post.

Although you installed a theme successfully. If you want to change another theme after installation you can do easily. Whenever you changed the theme the look and feel of your website also changed. The important part of blogger is that your blog post content won’t changed. So It is beauty of blogger without any re-build your entire website interface has to changed.

How to customize your blog?

After installed the theme you need to customize your Logo, Favicon, Navigation bar, Header and Footer as well. Now Let me show you some general customization’s of your blog.

General general customization's of WordPress theme by

Go through this step Appearance >> Customize

There is a option to upload you company logo and favicon. You can also customize the font size, font color and background color as well in this section. Every theme of WordPress customization part is little different. It is not a very difficult, almost setting of all themes customization are similar of all WordPress themes.

How to Add Plugins to Your Blog?

Plugins play a very important role in our blog. By help of plugins we can add some new feature or functionality on blog. It is extend your theme capabilities and customization of our blog.

There are numbers of plugins available on WordPress. All of plugins has a different functionality. We can install many of plugin free of cost in our blog. There is not charged money for that. But some of plugins are not free we have to pay some specific amount to install for that.

You can install a plugin very easily.

Go through this step Plugins >> Add New

Here you can install new plugins, delete, update, and deactivate them.

Follow the given below image instruction.

How to add plugins to your blog by

How to add plugins to your blog by

Find below some important plugins that is very helpful.

  1. Yoast SEO:- It is useful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s optimize your content for search engine.
  2. Akismet:- It’s protects the comments and contact form spam and prevents your site from malicious content publishing.
  3. Visitor Traffic:- It used for monitor the traffic of visitor of my post.
  4. Ninja Forms:- Using the Ninja form we can create a contact us form very easily.
  5. Crayon Syntax Highlighter:- It is use for highlight html code on the page.

Congratulation:- Now you have to learn how to install the WordPress theme and install plugins and activate them.

Step 6:- How to write content on your blog

Before you write a article in your blog , make sure that some static page (About us, Contact Us), and other parts of your blogs like as (Sidebar, Footer, etc..) available on your blogs.

Home:- This is a landing page of blog. When page load index page is automatic rendered. You can customize the home page and display the content as static page. Always try to display all of important topic on home page.

About Us:- This page give information to visitor about your blog and why you run a blog.

Contact Us:- You can create a form in this page. Where visitor can communicate with you. Also you can put your email address and social networking link. So visitor can rich to you easily.

Step 7:- How to promote your blog

The success of your blog depends on how to promote your blog. It is also very important part for blog to rank on google.

There are many ways to promote a blog go through some below points:-

  1. Submit your blog to search engine:- submit your web site URL to search engine console go with this link for submit Webmaster Tools
  2. Add social media Icon and be active on social networks:- Social networks are most popular to promote your blog. Post your blog daily basis like as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Create a separate page all of social networking page and attached this url with social media icon.
  3. Advertising on the web:- There are some paid media channel and social media networking website that will be help to promote your blog and get traffic. Paid traffic website such as Facebook & Google AdWords
  4. Tell your friends know about your blog:- Inform each and every of your friends circle and send a blog URL. Make a email signature include your blog name and URL. Send a brief introduction about your blog. Share your post in friends circle of your what’s up group.
  5. Get active on relevant blogs:- Try to communicate with other bloggers. It is a good way to connect with other bloggers within your niche. You can build a friendship and help to each other. Try to Communicate to other relevant blog it will help to promote your blog.
  6. Create a mailing list:- Mailing is a good idea to communicate to new visitor, those who take interested to read your blog article. Some users are read continuously your article they will be trusted you and they can be respond better to promote your blog. Such of user you need to collect email address and post an email about your new article, write some brief introduction about new article.

Step 8:- How to make money from blogging

You should not always thinking about money. You should keep in mind blogging is not just about earn money. You should be trying to creating some useful content that will be attract to readers so that they come back for more.

There are many option to make money from blogging.

  • Monetize your blog with google:- Google monetization is one of the best option to make money for blogger. You need to register an account to monetization channel. Go with this link google AdSense and follow some needful instructions and submit request. Google team will review your request after approved you will get an email.

    After approved from google AdSense team open the AdSense account where you need to create a ads unit banner then you will get some peace of code. This code you need to put on blog header page. After some time advertisement ads will display on your blog. If anyone clicked on add banner you will get some money and amount will added on your AdSense wallet account.

  • Affiliate marketing link to your blog:- Add a affiliate marketing link to your blog. You have to promote the company product through affiliated lnk. When someone buy product through affiliate link you will get some commission.
  • Sponsored posts and Banner add:- If your blogger become very famous. Some honor of private company will connect to you for put a company advertisement banner on your blogger website. You can charged some amount for put the advertisement banner on your website. So it is good way to earn some additional income from your blog.
  • Writing and selling ebooks on amazon:- Selling ebooks is another great opportunity to make additional money from your blog. Put a affiliate marketing link ebooks of amazon. If someone download ebook through this link you will get some commission.

    If You like to write a ebook, You can sell your eBooks independently. If your blog has linked to commercial platform such as amazon, Bigcommerce some famous publisher company will connect to you for sell his ebooks on your blog.

  • Add YouTube Video:- YouTube is a great way to earn money and promote your blog. Create YouTube channel and upload quality and useful video. Attached the post related video on your blog as well. YouTube will show ads in your video and you will get money for that.

    Now you thinking that how much money can be made from YouTube?
    I can’t give you exact amount of figure but based on experience you will get approx. 3-5$ for 1000 visitors.

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Please write two words of your experience in below comments section.




FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does it cost money to start a blog?

It doesn't cost very much to start a blog. The main expense will be your hosting plan. You could use a free hosting plan, such as Weebly or Wix, but then you won't get a custom domain name.

How do bloggers get paid?

The two main ways bloggers get paid through ad networks are per impression or per click. Paid per impression – with these ads, the viewer does not have to click on the ad in order for the blogger to receive an income. They are paid per impression, which is how many times the ad is seen.

How many views does blogger need to get paid?

If your blog gets over 10,000 monthly unique visitors, then yes – you can monetize your blog and create a nice revenue stream with it. The real challenge is making money from a blog that generates fewer than 1,000 visitors per day. Just as in life, there are different stages to a blog's life cycle.

Note:: – You will get an email, so put correct email and mobile number and BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY from Today!

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