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Editing row, Saving row and Removing rows Dynamically in Lightning component Salesforce

Hey guys, In this post we are going to learn about that how to edit row, saving row or removing row dynamically in Salesforce lightning component.

In this example we will customize the same component and achieve to the editing row, saving row and removing rows functionality of dynamically on Custom sObject by help of wrapper apex class and JavaScript Controller in lightning component.

We do not allow to Delete or Edit multiple rows at a same time. First you will need to cancel of the current rows than after you will be able to delete or edit of another rows.

Files we used in this post example:-

wrapperClassCustomObjCmp.cmp Lightning Component It is used for display the Input filed of Name, Address, Email, and Button Icon of Edit, Delete, Cancel and Save on the Table.
wrapperClassCustomObjCmpConroller.js JavaScript Controller File It is used for Edit, Save, Cancel and Delete functionality and this function communicate to server side apex method.
wrapperClassCustomObjCmpHelper.js JavaScript Helper File It is used for refresh the page after delete or Save the record.
wrapperCustomObjCtrCmp.apxc Apex Class Controller It is used for delete and save record from database server

Custom Object:- NewStudent__c

Custom Object Fields:-




Custom Object and their fields Custom object like database and custom fields are columns of data table. We customized the record of both fields by using the apex class method.

Final Output

Editing row, Saving row, Deleting row in lightning component -- w3web.net

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Note:- Custom sObject >> NewStudent__c

You need to change custom sObject name and there fields name with your custom sObject.

Step 1:- Create Lightning Component : wrapperClassCustomObjCmp.cmp

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Component

wrapperClassCustomObjCmp.cmp [Lightning Component File]

Step 2:- Create Lightning Component : wrapperClassCustomObjCmpConroller.js

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Component >> JavaScript Controller

wrapperClassCustomObjCmpConroller.js [JavaScript Controller]

Step 3:- Create Lightning Component : wrapperClassCustomObjCmpHelper.js

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Component >> JavaScript Helper

wrapperClassCustomObjCmpHelper.js [JavaScript Helper File]

Step 4:- Create Lightning Component : wrapperClassCustomObjCmp.css

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Component >> Component Style CSS

wrapperClassCustomObjCmp.css [Lightning Component File]

Note:-Static resource zip file

You need to change $Resource.SLDS2016 with your SLDS zip file name (static resource zip file Name)

Step 5:- Create Lightning Application : wrapperCustomObjCtrCmp.apxc

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Apex Class

wrapperCustomObjCtrCmp.apxc [Apex Class Controller]

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