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How to call the apex method and retrieve list of records using (Imperatively and Wire Service) in LWC – Lightning Web Component | How to Invoke apex method imperatively and “@wire” method and fetch list of records uses of “@salesforce/apex/” library in Lightning Web Component (LWC) Salesforce

Hey guys, today in this post we are going to learn about How to Call the Apex Method and retrieve list of records using (Imperatively and Wire Service) in LWC – Lightning Web Component.

Call Apex Methods Imperatively →

To control when the method invocation occurs (for example, in response to clicking a button), call the method imperatively. When you call a method imperatively, you receive only a single response. Compare this behavior with @wire, which delegates control to the framework and results in a stream of values being provisioned.

In the following scenarios, you must call an Apex method imperatively as opposed to using @wire.

  • To call a method that isn’t annotated with cacheable=true, which includes any method that inserts, updates, or deletes data.
  • To control when the invocation occurs.
  • To work with objects that aren’t supported by User Interface API, like Task and Event.
  • To call a method from an ES6 module that doesn’t extend LightningElement

If an Apex method is marked with @AuraEnabled(cacheable=true), a client-side Lightning Data Service cache is checked before issuing the network call to invoke the Apex method on the server. To know more about Imperatively service, Click Here →

Wire Apex Methods in LWC →

Lightning web components use a reactive wire service. Use @wire in a component’s JavaScript class to specify an Apex method. You can @wire a property or a function to receive the data. To operate on the returned data, @wire a function.

To use @wire to call an Apex method, annotate the Apex method with @AuraEnabled(cacheable=true). A client-side Lightning Data Service cache is checked before issuing the network call to invoke the Apex method on the server. To refresh stale data, call refreshApex(), because Lightning Data Service doesn’t manage data provisioned by Apex. To know more details about Wire Apex Methods, Click Here →


Files we used to Imperatively and Wire Service in Lightning Component →

lwcImperativeWire.html LWC HTML File Template HTML file to fetch the records uses of Imperatively and Wire service in (LWC)
lwcImperativeWire.js LWC JavaScript File In the javascript file we import the @salesforce/apex/ library in Salesforce LWC
lwcImperativeWire.css Style CSS It is used to fixed the alignment of the data table as padding and border in lwc component.
lwcImperativeWire.js-meta.xml XML Meta File It is used to where this lightning web component file you want to display as lightning__AppPage, lightning__RecordPage, lightning__HomePage. Lightning Application It is used to call the component to preview on browser.



Final Output →

imperatively and wire service in lwc --


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  • Find the below steps ▾


Create Lightning Web Component HTML →

Step 1:- Create Lightning Web Component : lwcImperativeWire.html

SFDX:Lightning Web Component >> New >> lwcImperativeWire.html

lwcImperativeWire.html [Lightning Web Component HTML]


Create Lightning Web Component JavaScript →

Step 2:- Create Lightning Web Component : lwcImperativeWire.js

SFDX:Lightning Web Component >> New >> lwcImperativeWire.js

lwcImperativeWire.js [LWC JavaScript File]


Create Lightning Web Component Meta XML →

Step 3:- Create Lightning Web Component : lwcImperativeWire.js-meta.xml

SFDX:Lightning Web Component >> New >> lwcImperativeWire.js-meta.xml

lwcImperativeWire.js-meta.xml [LWC Meta Data XML]


Style CSS →

Step 4:- Create Style CSS : lwcImperativeWire.css

SFDX:Lightning Web Component >> New >> lwcImperativeWire.css

lwcImperativeWire.css [Style CSS]


Create Apex Class Controller →

Step 5:- Create Apex Controller : lwcImperativeWireCtrl.cls

SFDX:Create Apex Class >> New >> lwcImperativeWireCtrl.cls

lwcImperativeWireCtrl.cls [Apex Class]


Create Lightning Application →

Step 6:- Create Lightning Application :

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Application [Component Application File]

imperatively and wire service in lwc --


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you call Apex class imperatively in LWC?

To call the apex method imperatively, we need to import the method from @salesforce/apex/ module in variable accounts. Then we can use this variable to call the method and pass the parameters if required. This method will return the Promise.

How do I call LWC from Apex?

To call it from Wire Service, the method should be cacheable. Hence, add cacheable=true in @AuraEnabled. And in the LWC js controller, we need to write the import method using the @salesforce/apex/className.

How do you call an Apex class from a custom button in Salesforce?

To call an Apex class from custom button or link on the object detail page, create a VisualForce page and call the Apex class method via the action attribute to make it work. Following is some sample code showing how to do that. The action method invoked when this page is requested by the server.

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