create form fields horizontally in lwc --

How to align lightning-input form elements horizontally uses of slds-form-element_horizontal css and lightning-card tag in Lightning Web Component – LWC | How to create horizontal input label using slds-form-element/slds-form-element_horizontal style css property in LWC – Lightning Web Component Salesforce


Hey guys, today in this post we are going to learn about How to align lightning-input form elements horizontally uses of slds-form-element_horizontal css and lightning-card tag in Lightning Web Component – LWC.

A lightning-input component creates an HTML element. Use label-inline to horizontally align the label and input field. Use label-stacked to place the label above the input field.

If you’re creating forms to interact with Salesforce records, consider using lightning:recordForm or lightning:recordEditForm.

The label attribute is required. If you don’t want to display a label, specify the variant=”label-hidden” attribute. To know more details about lightning-input, Click Here →

Files we used to create horizontally form fields in LWC →

lwcHorizontalInputLabel.html LWC HTML File Template HTML file to create form fields horizontally in LWC
lwcHorizontalInputLabel.js LWC JavaScript File In the javascript file create import/export function in LWC
lwcHorizontalInputLabel.js-meta.xml XML Meta File It is used to where this lightning web component file you want to display as lightning__AppPage, lightning__RecordPage, lightning__HomePage. Lightning Application It is used to call the component to preview on browser.



Final Output →

create form fields horizontally in lwc --

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  • Find the below steps ▾


Create Lightning Web Component HTML →

Step 1:- Create Lightning Web Component : lwcHorizontalInputLabel.html

SFDX:Lightning Web Component >> New >> lwcHorizontalInputLabel.html

lwcHorizontalInputLabel.html [Lightning Web Component HTML]


Create Lightning Web Component JavaScript →

Step 2:- Create Lightning Web Component : lwcHorizontalInputLabel.js

SFDX:Lightning Web Component >> New >> lwcHorizontalInputLabel.js

lwcHorizontalInputLabel.js [LWC JavaScript File]


Create Lightning Web Component Meta XML →

Step 3:- Create Lightning Web Component : lwcHorizontalInputLabel.js-meta.xml

SFDX:Lightning Web Component >> New >> lwcHorizontalInputLabel.js-meta.xml

lwcHorizontalInputLabel.js-meta.xml [LWC Meta Data XML]


Create Lightning Application →

Step 4:- Create Lightning Application :

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Application [Component Application File]


create form fields horizontally in lwc --

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you use a lightning input field?

Use the lightning-input-field component in lightning-record-edit-form to display and edit the value of a record field of a Salesforce object. Use the field-name attribute to specify the API field name.

What is difference between lightning input and lightning inputField?

lightning:input is to represent interactive controls that accept user input depending on the type attribute. lightning:inputField is to represent an editable input for a field on a Salesforce object.

What is lightning combobox?

lightning:combobox is an input element that enables single selection from a list of options. The result of the selection is stored as the value of the input. Multiple selection is currently not supported. To support multiple selection, use lightning:dualListbox instead.

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