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Is government spraying coronavirus vaccine using airplanes? No, it’s fake news – it s viral

There’s a chance that you may have received Whatsapp forward or came across posts about government spraying medicine in the air to kill coronavirus, beware – the claim is false.

“Hello I kindly request you not to come out of your house after 10 pm tonight till tomorrow 5 am…. As there will be spraying medicine in the air in order to kill the COVID-19!! Share this information to all your friends, relatives and your families. Thank you! This is for people in Delhi. Entire city. Helicopter spraying,” this message is now being shared. Besides Delhi, the it is also in circulation with different city names – namely Bengaluru and Chandigarh.

Whatsapp forward shared with Hindustan Times.

Whatsapp forward shared with Hindustan Times.

Government of India’s press information bureau’s (PIB) Fact Check Twitter handle debunked the claim. They took to Twitter to combat this misinformation and wrote “NO such action has been planned out by the Indian Government.” The agency further added, “get your facts from trusted sources. Do not amplify fake news.”

Yesterday, PIB debunked another fake news related to coronavirus. They pointed out that a press release by Malaysian government on restricted movement is being falsely shared with the claim that it’s from India.

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