Create Duplicate Rule & Matching Rule to Prevent Insert/Update Duplicate Records on Contact sObject based on Contact Email and Contact Phone in Salesforce | preventing duplicate records of contact based on multiple fields phone and email help by admins in Salesforce


Hey guys, today in this post we are going to learn about How to Prevent Insert/Update Duplicate Records on Contact sObject Uses of duplicate rule and matching rule based on contact email and contact phone in Salesforce

Real time scenarios:- Write a Duplicate rule and Matching rule on contact to prevent Create/Edit duplicate records based on contact email, contact phone in Salesforce


Final Output β†’

prevent duplicate records on contact based on phone and email --


You can download file directly from github by Click Here.


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  • Find the below steps for this post.

Create Matching Rules β†’

Step 1:- Create Matching Rules : contactMatchingRule

Setup >> Duplicate Management >> Matching Rules >> New Rule >> Select Object (Contact) >> contactMatchingRule

Create Matching Rules [Contact Matching Rules]

matching rule on contact --

Create Duplicate Rules β†’

Here we assigning Matching rule.

Step 2:- Create Duplicate Rules : contactDuplicateRule

Setup >> Duplicate Management >> contactDuplicateRule >> New Rule >> Select Object (Contact) >> contactDuplicateRule

Create Duplicate Rules [Contact Duplicate Rules]

duplicate rule on contact in salesforce --


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you create a duplicate detection rule?

Select Settings > Data management > Duplicate detection rules. To create a new duplicate detection rule, choose New. Type a name and description. To edit an unpublished existing duplicate detection rule, choose the duplicate detection rule.

How many duplicate rules can be active?

You can use up to five active duplicate rules per object. You can include up to three matching rules in each duplicate rule, with one matching rule per object.

What is duplicate detection?

Duplicate record detection is the process of identifying different or multiple records that refer to one unique real-world entity or object.

How do you check for duplication?

Click Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Duplicate Values.

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