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Shashi Tharoor’s son complains about ‘boomer dad’, MP replies defending himself – it s viral

Shashi Tharoor’s son Ishaan Tharoor is facing a situation which many will find relatable. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, WHO has warned that older adults are at a higher risk. Now, in a strange role reversal of sorts, several youngsters are struggling to convince the elderly members of their families to stay home and practice social distancing. Ishaan Tharoor is among them.

Describing his father as a “lackadaisical boomer”, Ishaan complained on Twitter that Tharoor insists on “going to Parliament with hordes of other people pressed together in close quarters even as Indian government enacts significant measures to begin imposing social distancing.”

He continued in another tweet that this is not only dangerous for Tharoor but for the entire family – especially his elderly grandmother.

Shashi Tharoor, known for expressing himself quite eloquently, had his answer ready.

Referencing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on measures to control the spread of coronavirus on March 19, Tharoor pointed out that public representatives are exempted from social distancing. Then, quite aptly, the MP pointed out, “it is their responsibility to serve the public, just like doctors, food delivery personnel and media.”

Not one to give up easily, Ishaan replied to Tharoor’s tweet with “there are other ways to serve the public than sitting on a bench in parliament.”

The battle lines are drawn in this father-son Twitter feud and tweeple are happily picking sides.

“Bold move publicly calling out your Indian parent,” joked a Twitter user. “You echo the sentiments of so many of us. Our parents are behaving as if nothing will happen. I hope Mr Tharoor and other seniors heed the advice!” voiced another.

“Leaders need to lead from front, they are also essential services just like doctors and police and army etc, but everyone’s prayers are with all those people and their families including yours and mine who cannot sit at home,” said a third supporting Shashi Tharoor’s decision. “If he was ‘lackadaisical’ he wouldn’t be making the effort to go to parliament,” wrote a fourth.

What do you think of this father-son conversation? Whose side you are on?

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