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This may just be sweetest PSA on coronavirus yet – it s viral

Life with the coronavirus outbreak is the new reality people are trying to get used to. With the spread of this pandemic, there is an influx of information and warnings coming everyone’s way. This little girl’s message of keeping oneself safe from the virus may just be the sweetest yet.

The Humans of Bombay Facebook page has featured this little girl who tell us that she knows “all about the Cunnona Virus…” And not only does she know about it, she’s also trying to be strong so it won’t bite her.

And how’s she doing that, you may ask?

“Because I am drinking lots of yuckie Haldi milk, eating my veggies and I make everyone wash their hands also…” she says.

We’re not sure if it’s her pronunciation of the virus or her attitude that makes us believe this whole thing will pass – if we just follow the guidelines to keep ourselves safe.

The post has struck a chord with thousands on Facebook. Since March 18, the post has collected over 12,000 reactions and more than 700 shares. Several people have posted some heartwarming comments about the post.

“You tell the world, doll. People need to hear ya. So much wisdom in a cute little princess,” says a Facebook user. “If she’s the one who’s giving me gyaan on Corona, I will happily take it all!” says another.

In the midst of these trying times, several people are trying to spread positivity and sharing quirky PSAs to drive home the message about precautions on coronavirus. Days ago, Kerala Police shared a fun dance video to demonstrate the correct way to wash one’s hands. Meanwhile, several sports stars, film personalities and politicians are taking the ‘safe hands challenge’ to tell people about the need to maintain good hygiene.

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