Write a trigger on lead to prevent duplicate records based on lead email Whenever the records is inserted Or updated using apex class handler trigger in Salesforce | How to prevent duplicate lead records based on email in apex trigger Salesforce


Hey guys, today in this post we are going to learn about How to Check Duplicate Email on Lead Object in Salesforce.

Real time scenarios:- Write a trigger on lead to prevent duplicate records based on lead email, if a record already created with the same Email, Or record is Updated. The trigger should throw an error.

Files we used in this post example

duplicateEmailCheckLead.apxt Apex Class Trigger It will be fired wheneverΒ New Lead is Created Or Updated
leadHandlerController.apxc Apex Class Controller Apex handler trigger to prevent duplicate records based on lead email.
Standard Object:-Β Lead Trigger to prevent duplicate lead based on email.

Final Output

Apex Trigger to Check Duplicate Email on Lead Object -- w3web.net


You can download file directly from github by Click Here.


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  • Find the below steps for this post.

Create Apex Trigger

Step 1:- Apex Class Trigger : duplicateEmailCheckLead.apxt

From Developer Console ➑ File ➑ New ➑ Apex Trigger

duplicateEmailCheckLead.apxt [Apex Class Trigger]

  1.    TRIGGER duplicateEmailCheckOnLead ON Lead (BEFORE INSERT, after INSERT, BEFORE UPDATE, after UPDATE) {
  3.     IF(TRIGGER.isBefore){
  4.         IF(TRIGGER.isInsert){  
  5.             leadHandlerController.updateInsertLead(TRIGGER.new);
  6.         }
  7.         IF(TRIGGER.isUpdate){
  9.             leadHandlerController.updateInsertLead(TRIGGER.new);
  10.         }
  12.     }
  13.     ELSE IF(TRIGGER.isAfter){
  14.          system.debug('I am inside of after method');
  15.     }
  17. }

Create Apex Class Controller

Step 2:- Create Apex Class : leadHandlerController.apxc

From Developer Console ➑ File ➑ New ➑ Apex Class

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leadHandlerController.apxc [Apex Class Controller]

  1.    public class leadHandlerController {
  3.     public static void updateInsertLead(List<Lead> leadObjList){
  4.         Set<String> setStr = NEW Set<String>();
  5.          List<Lead> leadObj = NEW List<Lead>();
  6.         List<Lead> leadList=[SELECT Id, Name, Email, Phone FROM Lead WHERE Email != NULL];
  7.         FOR(Lead d1:leadList){
  8.             setStr.add(d1.Email);
  9.         }
  11.           FOR(lead e1:leadObjList){
  12.                 IF(setStr.contains(e1.Email)){
  13.                     e1.Email.addError('Do not allow duplicate Email');
  14.                 }
  15.             }
  17.     }
  20. }

Apex Trigger to Check Duplicate Email on Lead Object -- w3web.net


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you avoid maximum trigger depth exceeded?

To avoid these kind of situation we can use public class static variable. We can solve this issue, you can set a condition on trigger so it will not be called recursively.

Why is my trigger running twice?

Triggers can fire twice, once before workflows and once after workflows.

How many times trigger will fire in Salesforce?

Triggers execute on batches of 200 records at a time. So if 400 records cause a trigger to fire, the trigger fires twice, once for each 200 records.

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