8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search | Why website not showing in google search


Why do we need website index by google?

It is so important to every website should be index by google. Because without indexing our website does not visible on search engine. If google search does not indexing my page. There are ‘0%’ to chance to get organic traffic. We won’t get any type of organic traffic on search results.

Google search engine does not index your site automatically. However if you want to index your website and visible on search results you need to understand about process of Indexing, Crawling & Ranking.

How to check our website page Indexed by google Or Not?

Go to google, then search your domain name for example:- site:w3web.net


If your website page indexed by google the number of page display on search results. This number only show roughly that how many page of your website indexed by google.

If google search result does not display any of pages, don’t worry about this. Follow the below points for indexing and ranking of your website:-

How to do indexing and ranking of your website

There are many factor that google search engine does not indexing and ranking of your website.

Follow the given below points step-by-step:-

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Add Sitemap page on your website
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Googlebot (robots.txt)
  5. Content should be unique and valuable
  6. High quality backlinks
  7. Internal page linking
  8. Add meta tags to your website

Step 1:- Google Search Console.

Google search console helps to indexing your website by google.

We can check some of specific page indexed or not by help of google search console.

How to get indexed my page by google search console?

  • Go to Google Search Console
  • Use search console URL Inspection
  • Copy of page URL that you want to index
  • Paste the URL on google Inspection search bar
  • Wait some time google will check your URL on server
  • If google not indexed your page, you can send a request by manually to click on “REQUEST INDEXING”

If the page has been indexed, you will be see green check marked on screen “URL is on Google” like below screen shot.

Google Search Console -- w3web.net

If the page does not indexed, you will be see this type of screen. “URL” is not on Google.

Google Search Console -- w3web.net

You can request to google for index my page by click on the “Request Indexing” button.

This is a best practice to publish a new post for google indexing.

By request for indexing, you are effectively telling to google that we have added something a new page and they would be taking at it.

Apart of indexing we can also check different type of activity by help of google console such as:-

  1. Performance report
  2. Error and valid page coverage
  3. Create a sitemap page
  4. Ownership verification

Performance report:-

We can check performance of our website page by help of performance graph report. In this graph we can check click and Impressions that how many clicked with total number of Impression, Average CTR and Average passion on date basis.


Error and valid page coverage:-

We can check page coverage by help of search console coverage page.

Here we can check, how many page getting error during indexing and also we will get about Valid with warning page that how many page are valid etc.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

Ownership Verification:-

There are many way to verify ownership of your domain into search console

The Simple and easiest way to put a unique and single line code on your header section of website. After add code into header section you need to verify on click button.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

After verify your domain you will get check mark in green color like below screen shot:-

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

Step 2:- Create sitemap page

The sitemap always generated in a XML format. It is fetch all of the pages from our site. It is a very important for google to indexing a page. It’s tell to google which page on your site are important and which are not. It also helps to guidance to re-crawled of page.

We can review our indexed pages in Google Search Console that how many pages have indexed. We can also check the index coverage report status by “Index Coverage Status Report“.

If coverage report display large number of error page. You need to check following points:-

  • Your sitemap might have large number of duplicate page or ‘low-quality’ content that is google deems unworthy.
  • The blocked via robots.txt and NOINDEX not properly set in your website.
  • Your sitemap URLs might have non-indexable.
  • Your site might be not enough ‘authority’ to justify to all of pages.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

How to add new sitemap on blogger or website.

Sitemap is a primary function is tell to search engines that is know whenever something’s changed on some specific web page. As well search engine check for changes to indexing.

Sitemap help to our page content to get crawled and indexed. So It’s can come to the top of search results ranking.

You can check your sitemap page on Google Search Console. If sitemap does not exist. Don’t worry about it. We can add sitemap very easy process.

If your site developed in WordPress you need to add sitemap_index.xml

Click on sitemap tab and follow the below example:-


After put your sitemap URL click on submit button.

Your new sitemap will be created and fetch all of valid page URLs.

For WordPress site you need to put Sitemap as given below screen shot.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

If you are working on blogger.com you need to add such like:-

https://www.w3web.net/sitemap.xml and click on submit button.

Follow below example screen shot:-

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

There are some another online tools you can use for include the xml sitemap generator very easily that will be work for any type of website and blogger.

  1. Blogger XML Sitemaps
  2. Website URL to create a sitemap

Step 3:- Google Analytics

Google analytics tools provided by google. It is used for check the status of visitors, time spent on site, what pages they looked at, where they’re located from, etc.

You need to set up Google Analytics and sign in with your google account.

If you have a @gmail.com email address it’s would be better to create a google Analytics account.

How to set up Google Analytics?

  • Go to google search page.
  • Type google analytics on search bar
  • Search result first link you need to click for sign up

Google Analytics -- w3web.net

After clicked always try to sign in from your @gmail.com address, because google analytics is a product of google so @gmail.com tracked your site very easily.

Google Analytics Sign In -- w3web.net

There are some steps to install a Google Analytics on your website.

If you are working on WordPress Or something another content management system. Its will ask you for Google Analytics Tracking ID. It provides some unique piece of code to put on your website on header section.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

After added tracking Id on your header you need to verify it. It is a simple and easiest way to do for add a google Analytic code and verify it.

For monitor your post visitors and page performance you can download Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP) plugin and activate.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

Step 4:- Googlebot (robots.txt)

If google does not indexing your entire website. It might be a crawl block a robots.txt file not set up properly.

How to check Googlebot (robots.text) set properly or not?

Open new tab in chrome browser, type your website URL / put robots.txt

If robots.txt file set properly you can see like below screen shot:-

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

A crawl block in robots.txt would be also be the culprit if Google isn’t indexing a single web page.

You can check your indexing page on google search console at URL inspection search bar that particular page has indexed on google or not.

Your sitemap URLs can be help to Crawling your web page on google.

Step 5:- Content should be unique and valuable

Google always ignore to indexing low-quality pages because the content does not valuable for users. Google focus such type of content that is awesome and inspiring contents.

Is any tools where we can find my page is low-quality or high-quality?

Yes, by help of Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool and URL Profiler we can find more potentially low-quality pages that google doesn’t indexed.

By help of these tools we will get currently how many traffic coming organic. We can check non-indexed pages of quality issues. We can improvement in content where get necessary then request for re-indexing to Google Search Console.

Google also does not Indexed duplicate page or content. If same content apply on multiple places. You should be remove the issue of duplicate content.

We can also audit the content quality check by help of Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool. These site find the unique and duplicate content that will be helpful for fixed the removing duplicate content.

Backlinks play important role to ranking in google search results. It tell to google that this page is important. The high quality backlinks of web page google want to index. High quality backlinks determines how google and other search engine view the backlinks, and it is also effects of your SEO profile.

How many type of backlinks?

Generally there are only two types of backlinks: dofollow and nofollow<

What is dofollow Backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks are most valuable for our web page SEO purpose.

Whenever you add a dofollow link on your web page, you are telling to google that this link is organic and important.

We put dofollow link for to attention of google and other search engine that this web page is important and should be noted.

For Example:- you want to put dofollow link of facebook.com on page. Simply add the source link like this:-

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

It is just a regular link there are nothing different about that link.

What is nofollow Backlinks?

No follow link are not play important role for your web page. It is less valuable and less common link. nofollow link tell to google and other search engine to ignore a particular link.

The google search console doesn’t follow this specific link on the page.

If you used to nofollow backlinks. Simple add the source link like this:-

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

What is a big difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

Only one difference is add rel=”nofollow” tag on source link.

What is biggest difference between two type of links?

The biggest different between two links that dofollow links has a great valuable for google. It is a great helpful for SEO of web page. It help to promote search result and ranking on google.

Nofollow links is not valuable for google. The google and other search engine does not follow this specific link on the page. It is not help to promote to ranking and search result on google.

Step 7:- Internal page linking (add ‘powerful’ internal links)

Add internal link to the page, it is also helps to google for discover new content by crawling your website. If you do not add internal linking to the page, google can neglect some of important content to crawling on google.

However if you want to index your page on google very fast as possible, to add internal link of powerful page in your website. Because google like to re-crawl such type of pages faster then less important pages.

We can explore the backlinks of our website to help of Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. You need enter your domain name, then you will get the best pages by Incoming links report.

This website shows all of the pages on your website sorted by URL Rating. You will be able to review the list and look for relevant page that which to add internal links to the page in question.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

Step 8:- Add Custom Meta Tags to Your Website

You should add custom Meta tag element to your web page, because it is a basic elements of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and helpful to describe your web page content. It is always added in the header section. It is not help to page ranking on google, but it’s play important role for accurate indexing and displaying relevant details in search results.

There are several type of Meta tag used in website, but mostly common tags are:-

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keywords
  4. Viewport

Step A:- The Title Tag

It is displayed on the google search result page. Each page of your site should be unique title. Your title should be effective and attractive, So encourages the users to visit the page. Usually google displays only the first 50-60 characters of the title. So Try to write at the title’s beginning should be most descriptive words.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

Step B:- The Description Tag

It is displayed below the title in the google search result. Each and every page of description should be unique. It is describe about the page content. Usually google displays only the first 150-160 characters of the description. If description does not match the accurate page content, it may not be displayed on the google search page. So it is important that description should be accurate.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

Step 3:- The Keywords Tag

Meta keywords tag is a key phrases, it is help to user to search your website by search engine. It is also determined to ranking of your website to search engine result page. Key phrases should be separated by comma.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

Step C:- The Viewport Meta Tag

It is control the layout on mobile browsers and viewing zoom scale. It is responsible for responsive page content on mobile view. The viewport Meta tag support only mobile and tablet browser. It is not support any kind of web standard browser.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

Step 5:- Write Meta Tag All Together

Meta Tag always should be added in the header section of web page.

Always add Meta tags all together like below.

8 Reason why is your website not showing in google search -- w3web.net

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is my website not appearing in Google search?

If your site is not showing up on Google, it is most likely for one of the following reasons: Google has not yet indexed your website. You've incurred a penalty and Google has deindexed your site. There is a technical issue with your site that is preventing Google from crawling and indexing your site.

How long does it take for my website to show up on Google?

It can take a few weeks for Google to notice a new site, or any changes in your existing site. The design of the site makes it difficult for Google to crawl its content effectively. If your site is built on some other specialized technology, rather than HTML, Google might have trouble crawling it correctly.

What is website visibility?

Visibility can be defined as a metric showing how often your website is found on the Internet. Semrush has a metric called Visibility % seen in Position Tracking campaigns that we use to estimate a website's trend of visibility for the set of target keywords currently being tracked in the campaign.

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