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How to wrapper class retrieve all the values in Salesforce Lightning Component

Hey guys, In this post we are going to learn about that how to Wrapper class Retrieve all the Values in Salesforce lightning component.

In this example we will fetch all the values from Custom sObject by help of wrapper apex class in lightning component.

Files we used in this post example:-

File Name File Type Description
wrapperClassCustomObjApp.app Lightning Component Application It is used for Call the component to preview the output on browser.
wrapperClassCustomObjCmp.cmp Lightning Component Application It is used to user interface display on the client side.
wrapperClassCustomObjCmpConroller.js JavaScript Controller File It is used for client side javascript function.
wrapperClassCustomObjCmpConrollerHelper.js JavaScript Helper File Helper called in the Javascript controller Init function.
wrapperCustomObjCtrCmp.apxc Apex Class Controller For retrieve all the record from database server

Custom Object:- NewStudent__c

Custom Object Fields:-






Custom Object and their fields Custom object like database and custom fields are column of data table.

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Step 1:- Create Lightning Application : wrapperClassCustomObjApp.app

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Application

wrapperClassCustomObjApp.app [Component Application File]

Step 2:- Create Lightning Component : wrapperClassCustomObjCmp.cmp

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Component

wrapperClassCustomObjCmp.cmp [Lightning Component File]

Step 3:- Create Lightning Component : wrapperClassCustomObjCmpConroller.js

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Component >> JavaScript Controller

wrapperClassCustomObjCmpConroller.js [JavaScript Controller]

Step 4:- Create Lightning Component : wrapperClassCustomObjCmpConrollerHelper.js

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Lightning Component >> JavaScript Helper

wrapperClassCustomObjCmpConrollerHelper.js [JavaScript Helper File]

Helper Function in salesforce lightning by w3web.net

Step 5:- Create Lightning Application : wrapperCustomObjCtrCmp.apxc

From Developer Console >> File >> New >> Apex Class

wrapperCustomObjCtrCmp.apxc [Apex Class Controller]

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